Monday, April 21, 2008


Brevard, N.C. - Brevard College is proud to announce its new Athletic Director: Mrs. Kim Pate.  Pate has served as Brevard College’s Director of Compliance and Senior Women’s administrator since the college began its transition from the NAIA to the NCAA. In addition to these roles, Mrs. Pate has served as the Interim Athletic Director for the College since the end of October. She has maintained the college’s commitment to a strong compliance program, assumed responsibility for completing the final phase of provisional membership with the NCAA, represented Brevard College in the South Atlantic Conference, and has managed the athletic program.
"I am honored to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on my school and community during such an exciting time in the history of Brevard College Athletics as we finalize NCAA Division II Membership and take our program to the next level,” commented Pate. “I am also extremely proud of our student-athletes and coaches who have competed for pride and endured our transition to Division II, and I am excited about where our program is headed,” continued Pate.
As a Brevard College graduate, Pate understands the mission and strategy for BC’s future, and knows the expectations for the BC athletic program. President Drew Van Horn said, “I believe that Kim is an up-and-coming leader in the profession of collegiate athletic administration, and I think that our athletic program will benefit greatly with her coming successes.”
Brevard College has been in search of a new Athletic Director since late January 2008. The process produced interest from candidates from all over the country. Over the last several weeks the college has reviewed quite a few of these candidates and interviewed many for the position.
Brevard College is completing its transition from NAIA to NCAA Division II and will become a full member in the South Atlantic Conference this summer. During this transition, Van Horn has set as a goal for the College to be a “model” Division II program. Central to a model Division II program is the balance of the student-athlete.  This is in keeping with BC’s own mission to foster a balance in all students between academics, the arts and athletics.
 “I believe that Brevard athletics has a wonderful future ahead of us, and I know that Mrs. Pate will appreciate your continued hard work and loyal support as we move forward,” said Dr. Van Horn.