Monday, September 27, 2010


Brevard has strong showing as Cowie and Decosimo each finish on the podium three times

Clemson, S.C. - Led by Kate Weisenfluh’s victory in the women’s Downhill, the Tornados had a strong showing at the Clemson Cycling Mountain Weekend. Tristan Cowie and Caroline Decosimo also finished on the podium three times during the weekend as well as the Tornados are starting to build momentum for their upcoming title defense at the 2010 Fall Mountain Bike National Championship.

The Tornados started the weekend on the short track, with Cowie leading the Men in Group A with a second place finish. Scott Hoffner finished just outside of the top 10, coming in 11th for Brevard, while Lewis Gaffney, Matt St. Marie and Brian Underwood all finished in the top 20. On the women’s side in Group A, Caroline Decosimo finished third overall in short track, while Morgan Sykes recorded a top 10 finish for the Tornados.

Cowie continued his run by finishing on the podium in the dual slalom event, coming in fourth overall in the A Group, while James Chaput came in eighth overall. Asher Blackmore placed 12th overall for the Tornados, with Matt St. Marie rounding out the group for Brevard with a 21st place result. Heath Wilson took to the field for Brevard in the B Group, finishing third overall behind riders from Georgia Southern and Clemson. The women had a strong showing for Coach Thad Walker in the A Group, as Decosimo and Kate Weisenfluh finished fourth and fifth overall, while Sykes finished in the top 10 for the second time in the event.

Four Tornados riders took the field in the Men’s Downhill event, with Chaput, Blackmore and St. Marie finishing 14th, 15th and 16th respectively in the A Group, while Wilson led the Tornados with a fifth place finish in the B Group.

Weisenfluh led the women in the downhill event, outpacing the field in recording the win in the Women’s A Group, while Decosimo finished sixth overall and Sykes came in 12th.

The final event of the weekend was the Cross Country race and Cowie led the men again, recording his third podium finish of the weekend, finishing fourth overall. Hoffner finished seventh overall in the group, while Gaffney finished 12th. St. Marie and Underwood both finished in the top 20 to round out the group on Sunday. Nate Weston came in fourth overall to lead the Tornados in the Men’s B Group.

Decosimo had her best finish of the weekend on Sunday, finishing second overall behind Erica Zaveta in the Cross Country event, while Morgan Sykes placed 12th overall.