Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Duo becomes the 18th and 19th members of the prestigious honor

Brevard, N.C. - Two former Brevard College coaches have been selected as members of the Brevard College Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2010-2011 as announced by the Brevard College Athletic Director, Kim Pate.

The Class of 2010-2011 includes men’s basketball player and coach, Larry Burch, and tennis coach Patsy Neal. The two will be inducted into the BC Hall of Fame on Friday, October 22nd, at the Distinguished Alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame dinner in Boshamer Gymnasium.

Burch opened his career at Brevard College in 1963, playing under Coach Chick Martin on the men’s basketball team and was also a member of the baseball team during his time at Brevard. A member of the graduating class of 1965, Burch made an impact at Brevard on the basketball team as the leading scorer and rebounder in the 1964 National Tournament run, setting the record for most rebounds pulled down in one game with 29. He also was the leading scorer and an all-conference selection in 1965, winning the Conference Sportsmanship Award. In addition to his other activities, Burch also was selected as an All-Conference Cross Country runner in 1965.

The impact Burch made on the program led to his eventual selection as an Assistant Basketball Coach and later, the Head Basketball Coach at Brevard College where he guided the team to a Conference tournament title in the 1971-1972 season. Burch later used his talents throughout the BC Athletic Department in taking on the roles of head coach of the men’s soccer team, the baseball team, and the men’s golf team.

While a coach at Brevard, Burch led the baseball team to victories over several highly ranked opponents, while his soccer team won two regional tournaments and participated in two national championships. As a golf coach, Burch also led the team to two conference championships, one regional championship and led the team to the National Championship tournament.

Burch also served as the President of the Western Carolina Junior College Conference during his time at Brevard and was the 1971-1972 WCJCC Basketball Coach of the Year.

Overall in his coaching career, Coach Burch coached teams in four different sports at three different levels of athletic competition, including coaching basketball at nearby Presbyterian University, competing in nearly 800 games or matches. He coached those teams to 28 conference or regional championships and has had teams that have participated in seven state or national tournaments.

Ralph Lundy had the following to say about Coach Burch, "The important factor is that Coach Burch influenced and developed so many Brevard College athletes in various sports. He gave so much to Brevard College to so many people." He went on to say, "Coach inspired, motivated and took care of his players. He was directly responsible for shaping and guiding his players toward reaching their full potential in their lives."

Today, Coach Burch is retired after serving as the Head Basketball Coach and Athletic Director at Hibriten High School.

Patsy Neal came to Brevard College in 1966, both as a coach and a teacher, after a successful playing career. Neal was a three-time AAU All-American in women’s basketball and was the 1957 National Free Throw Champion, as well as playing in the Pan-American Games. Neal also was captain of the U.S. team in the 1964 World Basketball Tournament, as well as being a member of the U.S. team that toured Europe in 1965 and was a member of the U.S. All-Star team that played the Russian All-Star team in Madison Square Garden and several cities across the United States.

Neal came to Brevard College after coaching an independent AAU team in Salt Lake City, while earning her master’s degree in physical education from the University of Utah. Upon coming to Brevard, she was hired by Chick Martin and encouraged to start a women’s basketball camp at the College, known as the Patsy Neal Basketball School, where she had 100 girls for each session and her camp staff and instructors included Pat Summit, the current women’s basketball coach of the University of Tennessee.

Neal taught Health, Physical Education and Recreation for 10 years at Brevard College and also coached the Brevard College men’s tennis team for four years during her time with the Tornados.

An accomplished author, Neal started writing the first of her eight published books while serving as a professor and coach at the college and has published such notable textbooks as Basketball Techniques for Women, Coaching Methods for Women, Sport and Identity, So Run Your Race, Psalms and Proverbs on the Playing Field and Basketballs, Goldfish and World Championships. She has also won four Freedom Foundation Awards for essays and has had numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines, including Newsweek, the New York Times, Prevention and the Christian Athletes among others.

Selected as one of the Personalities of the South, Outstanding Young Women of America and Who’s Who of America, Neal was inducted into the National Association Sports and Physical Education Hall of Fame, the National AAU Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and the Wayland Baptist University Hall of Honor. She was also inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in the spring of 2003 for her contributions to women’s basketball in her career.

Neal recently served as the Executive Director of the National Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Tenn., having accepted the position in 2002.

Charlie Stoudenmire had the following to say about Neal, "Patsy Neal’s contribution to the image of Brevard College is one you cannot put a value to. As Executive Director of the Women’s College Basketball Hall of Fame, she was instrumental in bringing women’s college basketball into the national spotlight." He finished up by saying, "Her authorship of two best seller books brought her national attention. She began writing her first book while serving as a professor of physical education and coach at Brevard College. Because of Patsy Neal’s outstanding accomplishments, Brevard College has received positive attention throughout our country."

The class of 2010-2011 joins the 17 current members of the BC Athletics Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Class of 2004-2005: Gil Coan, Class of ’42, Reggie McAfee, Class of ’71 and John McKissick, Class of ’49, Coach Chick Martin, Coach Norm Witek.

Hall of Fame Class of 2005-2006: Hershey Hipps (Herman Hipps accepted on behalf of his father), Thomas Barbee, Class of ’61, and the Boshamer Family (Cary Boshamer accepted on their behalf).

Hall of Fame Class of 2006-2007: Joe Forte, Class of ’63, Ralph Lundy, Class of ’70, Dr. Walter S. Clayton Sr., (Walter Shields Clayton Jr. ‘68 & Anne Blythe accepted on his behalf)

Hall of Fame Class of 2008-2009: Melissa Meyer, Class of ’86, Lennox Stewart, Class of ’71, Coach Thad Talley and Coach Joe Bartlinski.

Hall of Fame Class of 2009-2010: Danny Bost, Class of ’62, and Alice Gaines, Class of ’89.