Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Brevard sweeps all three doubles matches in 5-0 victory over Wolves

Rock Hill, S.C. - Jarred Fisher and Shane Apps made a comeback on court no. 3 in doubles, defeating James Bethea and Jeffrey Kiser 9-7, and Sam MacNeil and Beau Wills brought home the victory for the no. 3 Tornados as Brevard advances to the semifinals of the 2011 Food Lion South Atlantic Conference tournament after their 5-0 victory over no. 6 Newberry.

"It’s important that we got out to a good start at the doubles, which made a difference in the match," commented Coach Nicole Bumgarner. "The guys went in confident after the doubles and the two freshmen got it done."

MacNeil and Cole Altizer gave the Tornados their first point of the match, topping Michael Saunders and Mohammed Chakir, 8-1. Scott McCormick and Wills remained undefeated on the season as the duo topped Vinicius Botelho and David Sons on court no. 1 to put Brevard up 2-0.

Fisher and Apps fell behind early on court no. 3 before tying the match up at 7 apiece against Bethea and Kiser. The Tornados duo would rally to take the next two sets to win the match and give Brevard the doubles sweep on the day.

The Tornados would take the first set on each of the first four courts as McCormick topped Saunders 6-2 on court no. 1, MacNeil downed Botelho on court no. 2, 6-4, Wills topped Chakir, 6-2 and Altizer held the 6-0 advantage over Michael Woolard after one.

Brevard also held the advantage in the second set on all four courts, but MacNeil struck first as the SAC Freshman of the Year topped Botelho in the second set, 6-1 to put the Tornados up 4-0.

Wills wrapped up shortly after on court no. 3, defeating Chakir 6-1 to end the match.

The Tornados advance to the 2011 Food Lion SAC Semifinals for the second consecutive year, as they take on no. 2 seed Anderson University at the Rock Hill Tennis Center. Brevard fell to Anderson earlier this season in Brevard, N.C. at the McCoy Tennis Complex, 5-4, back on April 12th.

Doubles competition between the Tornados and the Trojans is set to begin at 9 a.m.

Singles competition
1. Scott McCormick (BCM) vs. Michael Saunders (NEWM) 6-2, 3-2, unfinished
2. Sam MacNeil (BCM) def. Vinicius Botelho (NEWM) 6-4, 6-1
3. Beau Wills (BCM) def. Mohammed Chakir (NEWM) 6-2, 6-1
4. Cole Alitzer (BCM) vs. Michael Woolard (NEWM) 6-0, 4-1, unfinished
5. Jarred Fisher (BCM) vs. David Sons (NEWM) 6-6, unfinished
6. Shane Apps (BCM) vs. Jeffery Kiser (NEWM) unfinished

Doubles competition
1. Scott McCormick/Beau Wills (BCM) def. Vinicius Botelho/David Sons (NEWM) 8-4
2. Sam MacNeil/Cole Alitzer (BCM) def. Michael Saunders/Mohammed Chakir (NEWM) 8-1
3. Jarred Fisher/Shane Apps (BCM) def. James Bethea/Jeffery Kiser (NEWM) 9-7

Match Notes
No. 6 Newberry 6-14
No. 3 Brevard 14-7; Regional ranking #19
Order of finish: Doubles (2,1,3); Singles (,3,2) |
2011 Food Lion SAC Tournament Quarterfinal