Sunday, September 18, 2011


Article written by Kody Adams

This last weekend was the second race in the Brevard Cycling team’s mountain bike racing season as the Tornados took on the field in Atlanta, Ga. at the Georgia Tech Relays.

With the short track starting first the men A’s would take the stage which included Bryan Underwood, Scott Hoffner, Kody Adams, Keith Marek, and Lewis Gaffney. It would turn out to be an intense but good kickoff to the weekend. Although multiple teams would attack relentlessly Lewis Gaffney would end up in 7th through this 25 minute plus 2 lap short track and the other boys were not far behind with Bryan Underwood ending up in 10th, Keith Marek in 16th, Kody Adams in 19th, and Scott Hoffner in 22nd. The men’s B race would be a little different with only one Brevard man racing; Brandon Milet would be in the lead group through most of the race, having been his first mountain bike race ever stayed very strong through the 20 minute plus two lap race and would end up in 12th place in the men’s B. The women A riders lined up with 2 women representing Brevard, Morgan Sykes, and Madison Capps would keep the good finish’s coming, through their 20 minute plus 2 lap short track race, Madison Capps came in 11th place and Morgan Sykes right behind her in 12th place. The last race for short track that Brevard would take part in is the women’s B, Liza Fortenberry would be the only contender for Brevard, she would stand strong in her first ever mountain bike race and finish off her 15 minute plus two lap race in 10th place.

Right after the short track races the gravity riders finally got their chance to challenge a hill. Asher Blackmore, Trey Cassell, Mac Banner, and Duncan Miller would lead the A riders into dual slalom with a couple of cross country riders trying their hand at a gravity based event, Lewis Gaffney and Kody Adams would be those riders in the A category. Brevard would take one of the top qualifying spots in the A category, Trey Cassell would be the fastest rider down this off camber, fast jumps, and loose dirt course for the Brevard team. The whole team would battle through the two man heat races and would finish with very good results. Trey Cassell finished 5th place for top spot in the Brevard team, and Mac Banner was right behind him in 6th, Asher Blackmore in 8th, Lewis Gaffney in 13th, and Kody Adams in 14th, with Duncan Miller coming in 22nd. The rest of the Brevard team would have some very good results. Madison Capps would be the lone women taking on the Dual Slalom course for the A women category. She would have a good finish for her second Dual Slalom race with a placing of 11th. The Men’s B riders would take some good places as well in this event with Kody Hughes finishing 5th place in his first ever collegiate Dual Slalom race. Kyle Stallings would come in with a good finishing ending up in 13th place and ending the Brevard team racers in this event.

Sunday would be all about the endurance race, cross country would be the one and only event on this day. This event would be 4 laps of a brutal 7.5 mile race with a quick pace and rolling hills that held roots and rocks through the trees, and with the temperature around 82 degrees and humidity at 90% for the day it would make this already rough course even harder. Bryan Underwood, Scott Hoffner, Kody Adams, Keith Marek, Lewis Gaffney, and a gravity rider trying his hand at cross country, Mac Banner would once again battle in the A category. Scott Hoffner would take the top spot for the Brevard riders in 4th place, Lewis Gaffney would also take a top 10 spot in 8th place, Bryan Underwood would be the next top Brevard rider in 16th place, and Keith Marek would take 24th. The men’s B riders would do a 3 lap variant instead of the A riders 4. Men’s B would do well with Kody Hughes landing a 11th place finish. But not all of the Brevard men would have as good of luck as the rest, Brandon Milet and Kody Adams would both end up flatting their tires and would be unable to finish the race, Mac Banner would be unable to finish the race as well. The Women’s A racers would do the same course 3 times. Through this hot rough race the Brevard ladies would fair rather well. Morgan Sykes would take home 11th place overall with Madison Capps right behind her in 12th place. Liza Fortenberry would once again be the lone rider for the women B race. She would also place very well for her first ever cross country race, taking home 11th place ending the weekend at Georgia Tech for the Brevard Mountain Bike team.

The Tornados are back in action next weekend at the two day event hosted by Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, N.C.