Thursday, January 7, 2010


Tornados volleyball player one of eight Division II athletes recognized for the award

Brevard, N.C. - Rebecca Schoonover has received Honorable Mention recognition by the Athletes for a Better World committee for the sixth annual Coach John Wooden Citizenship Cup, an award given to the most outstanding role model among athletes, according to Fred Northup, President of Athletes for a Better World.

The ABW is a nonprofit organization that uses sports to develop character, teamwork and citizenship through commitment to help athletes make a difference in the lives of others. Nominations for the Wooden Cup come from every conference and level in the NCAA and the Cup itself, with notable alumni such as Peyton Manning, John Smoltz, John Lynch, Andrea Yaeger and Cal Ripkin, Jr., is given to both a collegiate and professional athlete who has made the greatest positive influence in the lives of others. Recipients of this honor are considered role models and athletes of excellence both on and off the field.

Schoonover has been an active member in the development of IWIL (Institute of Women in Leadership) on campus at Brevard College, having helped in the campaign of Campus Voters Registration and in the Women of Domestic Violence Awareness Program. IWIL is a program on the campus of Brevard developed to provide female students with a program that focuses on the development of leadership through enrichment experiences, specific educational opportunities and service. For the past 11 years, Schoonover has also been active in Meals on Wheels during the holidays in Martin County, Stuart, Florida. During the offseason, she also serves as a volunteer and a peer coach in the Rosman and Brevard High School volleyball teams and the Transylvania Club Volleyball programs in the development of young student-athletes who want to learn the game and play at the next level.

"Rebecca Schoonover exemplifies the highest standard of what student-athlete should be," Coach Skeffington had to say. "She is hardworking, dedicated, and shows relentless effort both in the classroom and on the volleyball court.  She is a positive role model and is highly respected by her Coach and teammates, having developed strong leadership skills as team captain for two years."

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