Brevard College Volleyball Schedule

Sep. 5, 2013UVA-Wise Brevard, N.C.Live Stats3-1 W
Sep. 6, 2013vs. Lander (NGU Invitational)Tigerville, S.C.Live Stats0-3 L
Sep. 7, 2013vs. St. Augustine's (NGU Invitational)Tigerville, S.C.Live Stats3-0 W
Sep. 7, 2013at North Greenville (NGU Invitational)Tigerville, S.C.Live Stats3-0 W
Sep. 13, 2013Queens Univ. of Charlotte*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats0-3 L
Sep. 14, 2013Catawba*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats1-3 L
Sep. 19, 2013@ Gardner-Webb (Exhibition)Boiling Springs, N.C.Live VideoLive Stats6:30 p.m.
Sep. 20, 2013@ Mars Hill*Mars Hill, N.C.Live VideoLive Stats0-3 L
Sep. 21, 2013@ Tusculum*Greeneville, Tenn. Live Stats0-3 L
Sep. 24, 2013Newberry*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats1-3 L
Sep. 27, 2013Anderson*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats0-3 L
Oct. 4, 2013@ Wingate*Wingate, N.C.Live VideoLive Stats0-3 L
Oct. 5, 2013@ Coker*Hartsville, S.C.Live VideoLive Stats3-1 W
Oct. 8, 2013Lenoir-Rhyne*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats0-3 L
Oct. 11, 2013Lincoln Memorial*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats1-3 L
Oct. 12, 2013Carson-Newman*Brevard, N.C.0-3 L
Oct. 18, 2013@ Queens Univ. of Charlotte*Charlotte, N.C.Live VideoLive Stats0-3 L
Oct. 19, 2013@ Catawba*Salisbury, N.C.Live Stats3-2 W
Oct. 22, 2013@ UVA-WiseWise, Va. Live Video3-0 W
Oct. 25, 2013Mars Hill*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats0-3 L
Oct. 26, 2013Tusculum*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats2-3 L
Nov. 1, 2013@ Anderson*Anderson, S.C.Live VideoLive Stats0-3 L
Nov. 2, 2013@ Newberry*Newberry, S.C.Live VideoLive Stats1-3 L
Nov. 8, 2013Coker*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats3-0 W
Nov. 9, 2013Wingate*Brevard, N.C.Live Stats0-3 L
Nov. 12, 2013@ Lenoir-Rhyne*Hickory, N.C.Live VideoLive Stats0-3 L
Nov. 15, 2013@ Lincoln Memorial*Harrogate, Tenn.Live VideoLive Stats2-3 L
Nov. 16, 2013@ Carson-Newman*Jefferson City, Tenn.Live VideoLive Stats0-3 L

Home dates are in bold.
* - indicates South Atlantic Conference event
All times are local.