Tornados Enjoy Solid Showing in Saturday Cyclocross

Tornados Enjoy Solid Showing in Saturday Cyclocross

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. – The Brevard cycling team wrapped up a solid day one of its two-day cyclocross event on Saturday in Hendersonville.

The event is being held at Jackson Park in Hendersonville.

On the men's side, four individuals finished in the top 10 of the Men's A race, including Carson Beckett who crossed the line first. The Tornados were also represented in the top 10 by Tyler Orschel (second), Zack Lowden (sixth) and Scott McGill (ninth).

In women's action, Hannah Arensman finished second in the Women's A, followed closely by teammates Janelle Cole (third) and Samantha Miranda (fourth).

Arensman also had an impressive outing in the Women's Elite event, which attracts top professionals throughout the country, where she finished fifth.

The event concludes tomorrow in Hendersonville.