Work with Purpose

Work with Purpose

"Work with Purpose" is the hallmark of any Bill Khayat-led football squad, hence the recent signage addition to the football locker room. This same motto is found in the football offices and is rooted in the fundamental belief that there should be no wasted time, effort, or energy.

The new addition-courtesy of esteemed partners and ardent Brevard College athletic supporters, Ingles Market-made its way onto the Brevard College campus, and into what is affectionately referred to as "the Barn," in preparation for the August 8, 2017 reporting date for football players.

Originally constructed as an actual barn, with a nonworking grain silo still part of the infrastructure, the structure was later converted into a movie theater before eventually being refurbished into the current football locker room. The ceiling is checkerboard tiling featuring the Tornados school colors of blue and white and contributes to giving the players a sense of pride and ownership.

Other news and notes from a busy summer for Nado Nation as the #F5 storm continues to gather strength:

A majority of the coaching staff participated in skills camps with the University of Georgia, Clemson, Vanderbilt, and as far away as Northern Arizona. Special Teams Coordinator/Cornerbacks Coach, Luke Jaicks, directed his 7-on-7 squad to a top five finish in the Dabo Swinney Games.

Safeties Coach, Jeron Gouveia Winslow, has been busy returning to his certified strength and conditioning roots this summer with a new weight room application, Volt, a mobile platform that allows Coach Gouveia-Winslow to create position-specific summer workouts. Volt does more than replace a paper manual. Tornados football players insert their lifting numbers into their smart phones in real time from anywhere in the country. It then creates analytics, complete with pie charts, on the backend. This logs training efforts and hones in on specific core lifts which will be imperative for on-field performance. It is also a way for players to have their names displayed on the weight room's new public goal board as they continue to make strength gains and shatter personal lifting records.

Defensive Coordinator Kurt Gouveia, who was a member of the 1991 Washington Redskins team that was recently voted as the best team in pro football in the last 30 years and who had a forced fumble and an interception in the NFC title game en route to winning the Super Bowl, returned to the nation's capital this summer to clinic with the current Skins staff and gain further insight into defensive acumen as he put the final touches on the Tornados defensive playbook.

Coach Dynomite has been invited to attend the Green Bay Packers training camp for two days at the end of July. He is also scheduled to make an appearance at the Carolina Panthers camp as he continues to strengthen NFL pro liaison ties for the football program and Brevard College.

Head Football Coach, Bill Khayat, will travel to Charlotte at the end of the month to participate in USA South league meetings. It will be Coach Khayat's first opportunity to meet with Commissioner Dr. Tom Hart and fellow conference head coaches as they discuss new football officiating parameters and future scheduling.