Brevard Rock Climbers set to compete in Nashville

Brevard Rock Climbers set to compete in Nashville

BREVARD, N.C.- The Brevard rock climbing team will travel to Nashville on Saturday in their first USA Climbing event of the season.

This event will be hosted at the Climb Nashville- West facility as teams from across the Appalachian Region competing, with Belmont University playing host to the competition. The two disciplines that will be held at the event will be sport and speed climbing.

The team looks to apply their training from the last few weeks since the last competition, to scale the 50 foot walls at the Climb Nashville West facility, as this will be the first sport and speed competition of the season.

Coach Travis Gray hopes his team's practice over the past few weeks will translate into success in Nashville.

"We're hoping to gain success by being one of the most conditioned teams in our region," says Gray. "The team has worked really hard over the last few weeks and each individual is excited to experience a new gym and for some, an opportunity to see how well they will do on taller walls."

The event is set to begin at 10 a.m. and will last the entire day.