Tornados’ Cheer & Dance Team Hosting Tryouts

Tornados’ Cheer & Dance Team Hosting Tryouts


Brevard cheer and dance head coach Molly Penland will be hosting tryouts for the 2018-19 team on Saturday, April 14th at Boshamer Gym on the Brevard College campus.

The tryouts, which begin at 9 a.m., have four basic requirements that athletes must perform in order to be a member of the team.

It is important to note that all athletes in attendance must complete the attached prospect demographic form (attached here) prior to participating in the tryout. Athletes must have been accepted to Brevard College in order to be considered for the team.

Those in attendance will be required to conduct the following:

TUMBLING: Athletes are preferred to have a standing back-handspring, round-off-back-handspring, as well as a triple toe touch to back-handspring. (These are NOT required but the available spots will be first filled with athletes who meet the tumbling requirements.)

BASE: (Main Base, Side Base and Back Spots) Athletes are required to be able to do the following stunts in multiple positions: Heel stretch twist craddle, heelstretch pop-off, 360 to extended stunt, pancake (teardrop) dismount, etc.

JUMP: Must perform a triple toe touch, jump series (double toe-touch, hurdler, pike).
Live tryout information will be available to fill only spots available after priority recruits are selected.

FLYER: Flyers are expected to have moderate flexibility. Must be able to pull the following body positions in an extended stunt: heel stretch, arabesque, scorpion and scale.
All flyers are also expected to be clean and tight during any stunt.

For additional information about the tryout please contact Coach Penland via email at

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